A creepy time of year

Spooky and horror is in the eye of the beholder!

I used to say I don’t do horror.

Wellllllll. Kinda hard to say when you watch things like Walking Dead, Aliens, and Twilight Zone.

I never used to write horror. Then I started writing about unfortunate happenings to characters. Judging the looks of some of my readers, it scared them. And questioned what they knew about me. :)

My creepy little tales are out there for you to read

I created an eBook with three creepy flash fiction pieces. If you want a small taste of my writing and to peek into my brain, check out the info below.

Writing progress and other updates

Currently, I’m working on a SF short story for an open call for an anthology. I’m applying new writing techniques on plot and character arcs.

November, I will be doing Nanowrimo. It’s a community group with free writing tools to help you write 50,000 words in 30 days. I’m outlining for that now.

It’s free and open to all. Kids also can participate. https://nanowrimo.org/

Have a great fall everyone and stay warm and safe!


New Art featuring Covers!

The new image on the web page features my two independently published books and the three anthologies I’m in from Engen Books.

Yup, I’m in Five! Count ‘em Five books! Cooooool!

A.F. Stewart with AFS Cover Designs graciously created the great image with the covers I provided. (The text is all my fault!)

Check out their lovely work at:


Me at the Dartmouth Book Exchange

A Trio of Creepy Flash Fiction

A fun fast read of three flash fiction pieces. Each tale is between 100 and 250 words. For less than the cost of a cuppa tea!

Cut Throat's Wife

Be wary of what is tucked away in the nooks and crannies of the coves of Nova Scotia. More history has been forgotten than we know. This tale comes from whispers over one such cove.

The Gardener

What does this Gardener grow? I do enjoy to garden. What you add as a soil amendment can be more important than what you plant.

This tale received an Honourable Mention in NYC Midnight's Microfiction Challenge (May 2020).

The Painter

Art is subjective to the eyes of the beholder and those of the painter. Any media can be used to create art. How does a alien create art?

Join my team of readers!

New subscribers will receive some free stories from me just for joining. As an ongoing subscriber, you don’t just get to stay up to date on my writing. You’re eligible for contests and getting other perks!

In the future, opportunities will exist for subscribers to be part of my:

Beta Reading Team - Reading stories before published and providing suggestions) or

Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) Team - Read and post reviews of works before they are published.

Want to join my group of readers? Sign up!


Family Business

Squib spends a lot of time in the Line-for-Basics. Ill and scrabbling for more resources beyond what they could earn this week, Squib has to find a better way. A lot of ways exist to get ahead living in The Towers. It beats the harder scrabble for a safe place to live outside the protected dome. The high ranking citizens of The Towers have figured it out. Just surviving on the basics for food and meds isn’t enough. Time for Squib to crack the code.

Family Business is a stand alone dystopian short story about the character of Squib from my Recycle Series.

It's an origin story that takes place in the early years of The Towers.

What would you give up to get ahead in a resource scarce society?

Available Wide

Amazon, Apple, Kobo

Indigo, Barnes & Noble and more!

Cover art by Peter J. Foote

Corinne Lewandowski - Author

I love to write and share stories. Take a look through my site to see what piques your interest. Science Fiction and Fantasy are two of my favorite genres to explore. Poetry is also an interest of mine. My published works include short stories, poetry, and a radio drama.

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