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Stories have always fascinated me. Books, television, radio and games always drawn me in the most with intricate stories. Or even just a good romp like the old Godzilla movies.

I enjoy twist endings in shows like The Twilight Zone. When I write something with a little twist I wonder “What would happen if things when that-a-way instead?” Curiosity also drives my writing in all genres, but especially science fiction. What if my characters lived in a world affected by certain traits, societal changes, geography or hardships? And what would they do when pressed to survive?

In the end it’s about building a world that the characters live in and sharing their experiences. The quirky, the diverse and the unusual can be as much in my stories as much as folks just trying to do live and let live. 

I hope you enjoy my stories!


August 3rd to 8th 2021

The Dartmouth Book Exchange (Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia) will be doing an online Facebook spotlight of me. They have copies of Mythology From The Rock for sale there. It includes my story Only Deities Need Apply. Amd I’ve included free bookmarks with images from my short story!

Check them out:

Only Deities Need Apply

Deities are hanging around the food court at Scotia Square Mall figuring out which human to help. Only Mimi never asked for any help!

In Mythology From the Rock (Pre-Order with the Author or on Amazon Canada or Amazon US

Family Business

Family Business is a stand alone dystopian short story about the character of Squib from my Recycle Series. It's an origin story that takes place in the early years of The Towers.

A Trio of Creepy Flash Fiction  

A fun fast read of three flash fiction pieces from author Corinne Lewandowski. Each tale is between 100 and 250 words. Cut Throat’s Wife, The Gardener, and The Painter are in this collection.

Take a look to find out where you can buy my eBooks below . . .

Family Business

Available Wide including Amazon

A Trio of Creepy Flash Fiction

Available Wide: Kobo, Apple, Indigo

and more!

My Bibliography and Recognition includes . . .

The kudos I've recently earned is Engen Books' title of Rocker with my latest publication of Only Deities Need Apply.

““Rocker” (or alternatively, Rock Star), a title reserved for From the Rock authors who have proven themselves proficient at each of the three main categories of genre fiction: science-fiction, fantasy, and horror. " - Engen Books

Only Deities Need Apply is in Mythology From The Rock (Engen Books)

Family Business Available as a stand alone eBook

First published in Dystopia From The Rock (Engen Books) Bestseller! on Amazon

The Final Invasion is in Pulp Science Fiction From The Rock (Engen Books) Bestseller! on Amazon

Review for Pulp Science Fiction From The Rock

“This is a highly entertaining anthology. The editors asked for stories faithful to pulp fiction but with modern twists that subvert, or perhaps I should say “transcend” its limitations. The writers delivered. For them as likes old-fashioned SF it is a wonderful bunch of stories. And for them as wants to avoid the same-old, same-old, there is an abundance of original touches. Best of both worlds if you ask me. I had gleeful good fun reading this. Maybe my tastes are bizarre to the point of being uniquely unique, but I doubt it. Strongly suspect many people are going to love this anthology as much as I do, which is my subtle way of saying I recommend this book!”

P.S. “The Rock” of the title is, of course, slang for Newfoundland.”

—-Amazing Stories Clubhouse Review by R. Graeme Cameron

Making Friends received Honourable Mention in NYC Midnight’s 250 Word Microfiction Challenge

(Nov 2020)

The Gardener received Honourable Mention in NYC Midnight's Microfiction Challenge (May 2020)

A recipient of the Joyce Hsia Memorial Poetry Prize Winner

Loose Connections Anthology (two poems in this collection)

Remembrance Day Audio special aired on Seaside FM (co-written with John Percy)

Over 300 radio ads written

A bit about Corinne . . .

Corinne lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada with her wife and two cats. Corinne enjoys writing in the SF and fantasy genres, playing games, and prefers BBQing with charcoal. Corinne’s published works include stories in Mythology From the Rock, Pulp Science-Fiction from The Rock and Dystopia From The Rock. Her flash fiction has placed well in both NYC Midnight’s and Engen Books’ Kit Sora Flash Fiction Photography Contests. She is an LGBTI author. Her current WIP is an SF alien first contact novel with a lesbian protagonist.

Three  of the many Things that she also enjoys . . .

The yummy taste of buttercup squash and a turkey smoked on the BBQ with charcoal and hickory flavour

Light dappling through fall leaves

Playing board games with nifty strategy and game play (with little dice rolling as I am cursed with rolling dice)!

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   - Corinne

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